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dKol Wedding Collections begin at $2500

On your wedding day it is important to have memories that will literally last a lifetime. Finding the right team to tell the story of your day, and all the emotions you, family, and friends are feeling is not only important to you, but to us. dKol wants to tell your story, starting with the moments leading up to the big day, by documenting the celebration and announcement of your engagement, where we can then also get to know you both better. Then, on your wedding day, we also want to capture all the details, beginning prior to the ceremony; the zipping of the dress, and the emotions behind seeing each other for the first time as well as all the important details of your ceremony, the moment where you vow to be with someone for the rest of your life. We want to capture the laughter, and the fun that then follows at your reception as you celebrate these vows you just made. It is the happiest day of your life and we want to make sure this happiness, as well as the excitement and emotions that come with the day, are captured. We look to catch the real life moments that are happening between you and your partner and translate those feelings into photos, the way you remember them, and how your guests saw them unfold. We want to present photos that help you to relive each special memory of the day, years from now. We vow to you that we will tell your story, and portray each special, important, intimate, and fun aspect of your big day. 


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