There have been several changes to the original plan for Kerri and Chris's second embryo transfer date. The most important lesson/reason that I've walked away with from the delay is this:

Be your own advocate. Trust your body. Listen to your intuition. And speak UP.

Kerri's transfer was canceled. Then rescheduled. Then canceled. And then rescheduled, and HAPPENED yesterday!

I'll leave the details to be blogged by Kerri, and I'll tell the story the best way that I know how.  (For more on Kerri's perspective, here is the link to Kerri's Blog here. Be patient with her updates, they're coming but she's resting and in the process of making a baby)

We arrived at 11:30am for a 12:00pm transfer. And as of 12:34pm they conceived! The transfer was a success! 

They're PUPO!!!!!! (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise)

The two week wait for the offical blood work results may seem like an eternity, but great things take time, so we'll be patient.

As always, subscribe to #dkolbelieves, and continue to send positive energy to Kerri and Chris. 


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An extra special thank you to Dr. Levine of Hudson Valley Fertility and his staff for allowing me to cover this story with the most intimate coverage.