dKol + R. L. Baxter 

Baxter is a real estate development & construction management firm located here in the Hudson Valley. I had the opportunity to partner with them for an article that they are featured in- Construction Today publication. 

I am thrilled to have established a community relationship with Baxter and am proud to share with you all on how design, attention to detail and photography all commingle so nicely together.

Construction Today: R.L. Baxter  -Photo credit: dKol Photography

Construction Today: R.L. Baxter -Photo credit: dKol Photography

The Baxter siblings guided the company’s growth by hiring additional staff and investing in new technology such as Procore project management software, coupled with a modern approach to social media and marketing. “We brought a business attitude to construction and invested in strong and competent team members who could take us to the next level,” he (Eric Baxter) adds.
— Jim Harris, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

To learn more about Baxter and their ongoing projects, visit their website and follow them on social media @r.l.baxter #baxterbuilt

The featured apartments are located at: 

Churchill Street Apartments 7 Creek Street, Beacon, NY 

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