Bedford Gourmet is a charming, delicious gourmet shop and a full service catering and event planning company located in the heart of Bedford, NY. Together we are working to enhance their brand identity and visual aesthetics.

dKol wants to find the true match for your business and its online presence by offering website designs, branding/re-branding with photographs and/or designs, spotlight of you in action, and perhaps any additional needs you may have. dKol would love to sit down with you and further discuss your visions, as well as, ways we can collaborate to enhance the visual elements of your website, social media sites, and general presence online, and find a look that matches you, your goals, and untimely the brand, to the fullest. How do you see your business seated inside of these ideas? Get inspired here.

Lots of upgrades in the works for BG! Be sure to follow along!