*If you see yourselves inside of this moment, then we're a perfect fit.

I guarantee in this moment there wasn't a care to be had. Not how to raise strong, independent kids in a tough world, not about the last fight the kids had over who isn't sharing, not about the scrape from an eager toddler exploration fail, nor what wasn't prepared for dinner. It's about having a reminder of what's most important-laughter, snuggles, reassurance that we're loved. To me documenting the simplicity of losing ourselves in these carefree moments is what it's all about. Because in the grand scheme of it all, we need more of these moments than we seem to get.

So if you ask me how my work is a reflection of me, or what I'm looking for in my heart through the lens, it's moments exactly like these, because I crave reminders. The kind of reminders that I can go to on any given day, especially the tough days, a prompt if you will, to soak in what's truly important.