Part Two

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Wow. Patience is a word I've never taken well, and all I am is a bystander in this story. Every step of the way for Kerri and Chris in this journey is the equivalent of jumping hurdles and searching deep within to balance it out with patience. A positive state of mind during this is imperative and I truly believe that.

They began the protocol for their embryo transfer on November 24th.

They had to wait to get the offical green light to begin progesterone injections on December 8th. This appointment confirmed the transfer date.

I was invited over to document what is entailed in the daily rituals of being an IVF patient.

Part Three

THE transfer day-December 13th. TODAY PEOPLE!

I arrived at 10:45am for their 11:30am transfer.

(Side story-Kerri's friend, Kristen, contacted me last night to let me know that through her Thirty One business, she did a Go Fund Me fundraiser and raised money for Kerri and Chris secretly. Kerri thought she was just receiving the bag that she donated to the "Infertility Awareness Support" that Kristen dropped off ahead of time. However, instead, the money she raised was for Kerri and Chris as infertility services are typically not covered by insurance, and if so, it's very minimal, so any type of support is greatly appreaciated. This type of support and friendship has no value and plays a significant role in helping couples get through all of these complicated phases on their journey to parenthood.)

They got called in to get confirmation on how the thawing of embryo number one went and to find out if it was successful to proceed. For obvious reasons, I'm sitting in the waiting room. Alone.

Thankful for free wifi!


12:45pm Luckily, Chris came out to give me an update!!! Successful thaw!

At 1:30pm the nurse finds me and lets me know I can go back to recovery.

Successful day! They are overjoyed. Chris was beyond giddy about "being pregnant" and plans on wearing his "hat" all day. They were discharged with instructions, no sex (despite the wifi password suggesting otherwise) and no at home pregnancy tests. They return for the offical pregnancy test on December 27th.

Sigh. We wait some more.

Oh, I learned a new word:PUPO, used in a sentence: THEY'RE PUPO.

Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. 

 First family of three photo op

First family of three photo op

Just a side note..I'm the kid that unwrapped Christmas gifts people!!!! I'm buying them a pregnancy test!!!!!


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