Awhile back I took some photos of Sam and his shop, but this isn't about that. This entry is about realness. 

So many things come to mind when I think of Sam's Barber Shop-passionate, enthusiastic, motivated, hardworking, thoughtful, creative, zen, community...when I meet people like him, I can't help but wish good things for them.

Creatives are tough on themselves, they-ok "we" are tough on ourselves, we question everything with intent, we simply want to be good people, offer exceptional service, and give back in ways that can only hope to offer someone going down a similar path some reassurance. All of this and more allow us to be a better us. And Sam nails it in his recent blog post on how he is giving back to the community. If you are already can relate and/or want to support him, go follow along, stop in for a cut, meet Sam, tell him I said hi while you're there!

Sam's Blog


An exert from his blog:

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