For those of you that may not know, Kay has been interning with me here at dKol Photography since January. Kay has a degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Production. Besides being an avid writer her passion falls on photography. Her growth these past few months with the camera, exploring her creativity on many shoots and gaining insight into the back end of a photography studio has been a great experience. All that mixed into endless brainstorming events, together came to the realization she’s an asset around here. Which leads me to this HUGE announcement.
It’s about time to give Miss Kay an official title around here. Titles. Because intern is NOT cutting it. So here is a list of her new titles, (but not limited to) in no particular order: Production Assistant. Gear Lifter. Location Scouter. Second Shooter. Reflector Holder. Muffin Giver. Friend. Associate of…(more on this soon).
Our journey together is just starting out and we already have BIG news to share with you. We’re saving that for tomorrow, so stay tuned!




"Sometimes on the way to your dream, you get lost and find a new one." Lisa Hammond