I’m a change junkie. I crave switching things up and taking chances. 2014 already has had many changes, some that have been mind bending amazing and other that keep me growing. My vision and style as a photographer has evolved over the last four years. Art is subjective and sometimes fear prevents growth. Many of those changes have me going back to the beginning of my photography journey to find solace. I recently realized that both my best and worst experiences in life were direct results of taking risks. So today when I stumbled over the quote by Paulo Coelho-”Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience”, I made the decision to continue to push myself to new heights.

By staying true the very reason I opened my studio in 2011 is the same reason for what is driving me to take this new venture in my business today. While my goal remains the same, to tell your story, I want to enhance the experience by providing you with all the images from your session. I WANT you to celebrate yourselves. The whole goal of documenting life in photography is so you can display and enjoy them enlarged in your home. I personally hate making decisions, life is complicated by too many choices. So I’m giving you it all, the entire collection-a customized experience, a sharable online gallery of high resolution images and the freedom to print and display your wall art at privilege pricing. Life NEEDS to be simple.

Some additional new things debuting is this BRAND NEW FABULOUS BLOG! I vow to make weekly postings to share more of me, my photography and sessions with all of you. Another fun new feature will be how your sessions will be delivered to you. You will still come into the studio after your session for a gallery appointment where I will present your story in photographs and discuss design ideas for your wall art. It will also be when I present you with your customized online gallery that will allow you to share with your friends and family as well as order prints and wall art right from the collection. To see more on these new features be sure to check them out here: .the details & .meet the barrett’s

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I cannot wait to tell your story.