I hate secrets. I really despise them. And I’m just plain awful at keeping them.

It goes back to when I was little. I was that kid that would find hidden Christmas gifts and open them to see what was inside and then rewrap them so no one would know that I snooped. And sadly, I’m really no better now as an adult.

So I recognize that this is cruel, to tease you with upcoming news! But in hopes of making that up to ya’ll, I’m gonna give you a few hints:


. The month of May marks the four year anniversary of dKol Photography

. The photograph in this post counts as a hint

. KayLyn-the intern…she’s getting a new title

. A huge giveaway will be happening to celebrate and there will also be some additional fun prizes

. Be on the look out for more details coming soon…

I’m so freaking excited to share it ALL with you!