I received a call a little over a week ago and it changed up my perspective in an instant. I was in the thick of posting the 12 days of dKol Giveaways and was thrown off my groove. It has been bothering me ever since that I never had the chance to finish out that blog post. A part of me wants to add a “to be continued” on it and another part of me wants to delete it. It’s indirectly related to that giveaway but because that message I received was so loud and clear to me, I had to stop and refocus. 

Without going into details for the sake of keeping my client’s privacy, I was asked to photograph a family as part of their dad’s last dying wish. The idea was presented to me last minute and I dropped everything to make it all work out. It gave me a perspective that I so needed to see. 4th quarter is the busiest season in my business and in addition I had so many loose ends to finalize for my personal life in preparation for the holidays. I was fixated on gathering up all my work and finishing the holiday orders for my clients that I kept pushing aside the most important people in my life. On my way home from this shoot, I realized I needed a very critical break despite the desire to finish out the giveaway project. I changed perspective, wrapped gifts with my kids, made cookies with my mom and sister, went on a last minute date with Mark to gather all that was needed for the holidays (and was able to snag lunch alone), and spent a few evenings relaxing near the Christmas tree knitting. I promised myself I’d take a few days off to regroup and refocus my energy and get back to work in the New Year. 

I have since learned that my client past away a few days after the shoot. My heart aches for his family. I continue to question why we are placed in one another’s lives and try hard to figure out what the greater message from it all is. And for once, I can honestly say that the message I received from this helicopter landing was what I exactly needed to hear. And even more so, it’s a true reflection on how I pour my entire self into my work, it finally caught up to me. Hug your loved ones tighter. Take time and reflect. Because when the hecticness of life picks back up, I have no doubt that each time I see a helicopter in the air, it will be a message to slow down and reflect.


“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” ― Leonardo da Vinci