This past weekend Kay and I had the pleasure of joining a sold out benefit concert for Kiriaki Bozas that helped to raise money for her friend Terra battling cancer. A noble cause and an unbelievably touching evening. 

“And I worked so hard trying to be strong so all my efforts would go unknown. Thought I could build up my heart muscle so I wouldn’t feel. No I wouldn’t feel. But now I feel way too much. I’ve been invisible for so long, the marks of such have started to show up.” -Invisible 

If you’ve heard Kiki’s voice you already know how her talent and beauty shines outward. If you haven’t yet been touched by her lyrics and music I invite you to check her out.

Vocals, Piano, Guitar: Kiriaki Bozas |  Guitar: Danny Perkes |  Percussion: Eddie Gonazales |  Violin: Taylor Lewis |  Dave: Bass


"Kiki you have the ability to place time and feeling into verse and melody." -Danny Perkes