.according to d & Kay

5) Remember to hold that first kiss for just a few seconds more than you would normally. We wouldn't want to miss possibly the most important moment of the day!

4) Make sure you, as well as your guests are posing for pictures in a manner that you would want your wedding to be represented or remembered as. As much as the strip-tease may have been funny in person, seeing these pictures later on… without the open bar, may not be as fun. 

3) When entering your reception, remember not to walk too fast. The combination of lowlight, mixed with fast paced walkers could result in a missed shot of the newlyweds coming in… even for the most skilled photographers. We know you’re excited for the party, but just a bit slower ;)! 

2) As much as both of you, as well as your bridal party and groomsmen, may want to get to the yummy finger foods and beverages that are awaiting them at cocktail hour, a bit of patience will go a long way. The time before/during cocktail hour is primetime for group shots. This is something you will certainly realize and be grateful for a few weeks down the line when you receive your images and have those great shots of the entire wedding party you were hoping for. 

1) AND the number one most important thing to remember is… the moments where you are hugging, showing affection with, or sharing a moment with, a family member, friend or your new husband/wife will be your favorite photos and mean the most to you. So if it seems that your photographer is being a tad quiet, kind of hanging back, and not instructing, don’t fret… just live in the moment with your loved ones. Capturing these raw emotions will mean way more to you in the end than the posed photos do (although those are great too).