D: Since I’m a visual person, I’ll start off with describing words that come to mind when I think of weddings… rustic, chic, unique, eclectic, bohemian. 

Finding a specific style within my photography has always gone back to things that I’m attracted to. Whether it be my casual attire, love for all things recycled and repurposed, or the artist in me that has a free spirit that craves uniqueness and unconventional views. How about you Kay? What comes to mind?

K: I would say classy, classic, elegant, eloquent, inspirational, storybook, passion.

I want to capture the class, and sheer beauty of every woman on their big day. I want to visually show the elegance of her hair, her beauty, and her glowing smile, the eloquence and meaning behind the promises the bride and groom make to each other on this day. Through the lens I want to feel the inspiration that comes from the love and bond that two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together emit. I want to tell every bride and groom’s story like the classic picture storybook fairytale of “living happily ever after,” but in a more realistic, individualized way and finally, to showcase the pure passion shared among the couple; seen and felt in every look, word, and action they make all day. 

D: Geez Kay, show off much? Are you a writer? 

K: We can be overly descriptive. Annoying isn’t it? 

Months ago, we spoke about the plans for dKol weddings. Danielle told Kay that she had been holding out on going big on weddings until she was able to devote herself to building a brand and vision to its full capacity. After many weeks of brainstorming and refocusing our dreams of ways to get to this place, we decided on rebranding dKol weddings. It was then that Kay approached Danielle on the idea of expanding the brand.

K: I have always wanted to do wedding photography and they fascinate me. I would love to eventually work with you and devote our time to fully rebuilding the brand and vision and growing to expand the dKol wedding section. 

You’ve all been waiting for the big news…so here it is! Kay is joining dKol Photography as an associate photographer. Together we will be collaborating on many of projects, one huge one, being dKol Wedding and dKol la femme. So be on the look out for the relaunch of dKol Weddings coming soon!

xo- #dKay

The rings and wedding dress featured are dKol's. She's celebrating her 12 year wedding anniversary this June